The Most Simple Change You Can Make to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

For all the information that exists on the internet, in magazines, and on tv about how to effectively lose weight, it blows my mind how people still struggle to understand that weight loss is so much more about PSYCHOLOGY, then PHYSIOLOGY.

At this point (and really since the advent of Google), I think we all inherently understand what science says we need to eat. Sugar is bad, large portion sizes are bad, fiber is good, protein is good and veggies are no brainers. I would go a step simpler and say that we can all agree that NATURAL = GOOD, MAN MADE/MAN ALTERED = BAD.

So if we all understand what we need to do, why aren't we doing it? After over a decade searching for answers, I have finally come to the conclusion that the single most important key to not only weight loss, but mental dominance over my daily goals, both personally and in my work, is EATING A RIDICULOUSLY SMALL, but NATURAL BREAKFAST!!

Prior to this discovery I have always read about how important breakfast was, but I have always approached it from the wrong MINDSET. I always felt like I needed to consume a LOT of healthy things right from the moment I woke up. This meant big breakfasts full of fruit, yogurt, turkey sausage, eggs, and nuts. But eating these large sized healthy breakfasts never really helped me achieve my goals, not because of the caloric intake (because these breakfasts were phenomenally healthy in the physiological sense), but because what it would do to me mentally during the day.

Eating big at breakfast, (even while eating healthy) made me more psychologically prone to eating big the rest of the day! But you see, not every meal is as easy to control as breakfast is. Mentally we are weaker during lunch and dinner because typically other people are involved. Co-Workers, friends, dates, etc. None of these meals are ever held in controlled environments. But when I started eating a small, healthy breakfast, I became resistant to the mental weakness that often caused me to overeat in the other meals. I started thinking, "Wow, I dont want to give away my progress from this morning." Even more importantly, because my breakfast meal was so compact, I wanted my other meals to be more compact.

If there is one simple thing you can do to achieve every weight loss goal you have ever had, start with a LIGHT, but NATURAL breakfast, and your world will completely change.

[A Sample Breakfast From My Playbook: 1 "Amazing Meal" protein shake from Whole Foods, mixed in Almond Milk, 1 Chobani Greek Yogurt] -- Then just concentrate the rest of the day...I know it will work.

Try it and make your comments below when you are done.