5 Tips for the Unemployed Seeking Jobs

While its not news to anybody that this economy has been in a downward spiral for quite some time now, there isn't much news on what those of you who have been laid off should be doing about it.

Here are 5 quick tips you can start doing right away, as you prepare to hunt down a new job:

1. Put Your Resume Under the Microscope

  • Improve your credentials & skill sets - this means actively taking steps to further your education and diversifying your skills. If you are struggling on how to get started, visit the local community college and explore the various class offerings.
  • Make sure your experience is up to date
  • Have a highly specified objective

2. Look for Jobs Which Combine Multiple Tasks (Hybrid Jobs)

  • Now that you are increasing your skill set in step 1, make sure to apply for positions that require more skills
  • You wouldnt just apply as an analyst, you would look to be an analyst and project manager

3. Rely on Old Contacts

  • If these people that you have spent years cultivating relationships with can't help you now, they never will
  • Utilize old contacts, call them up, and ask them what positions they might know of that will be out there
  • Don't be afraid to ask, its your livelihood on the line

4. Become Savvy Online

  • Everywhere you look, technology and advanced software are taking over
  • Be sure you are up to speed on the latest Office suite at a minimum
  • Know how to search for information fast on Google and Yahoo

5. Lower your salary expectations

  • I hate the mere suggestion of this, but this is reality
  • There are too few jobs for too many people. Dont price yourself out of the game, before it begins

As always, if I know of a local job opening available from a close contact, I will post it on the personal blog. Be sure to check my site frequently or subscribe to my business/personal blog RSS Feeds.

Eddie Patel